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Transparency Salary Information Notes:
  • Salary information for all active employees. Active employees include the following: Full and
    part time regulars, terms with and without benefits, and full and part time temps.
  • Full and part time temp’s information only displays the hourly salary rate and the year-to-date earnings.
    Annual salary and benefits are not easily projected due to the variation in and/or duration of the
    employment period and related benefit calculations.
  • Annual Salary equals the employee standard hours times their hourly salary rate. The standard
    hours are set in the payroll system by HR. Standard hours are the hours an employee works on
    a bi-weekly basis.
  • Annual Salary & Benefits includes the annual salary plus PERA, FICA, insurance, unemployment
    and workman compensation annualized. These amounts shouldn’t change from pay period to
    pay period unless changes to benefits occur.
  • Year-To-Date Earnings is the sum of the annual salary plus overtime pay, specialty pay, longevity
    pay, incentive pay, paid time off, sick leave pay, personal holiday, sell-back pay, conversion pay
    and temporary pay. This amount may also be reduced by leave without pay status. Year-to-
    date Earnings displayed are calendar year-to-date as of the most recent pay period.
  • * Manager column includes Commissioners, Elected Official, County Manager, Deputy County Manager
    or Department Director.